About the company:

Manufacturers & exporters of Plastic Spray Nozzle Assemblies. We are offering our customers an excellent quality range of Spray Nozzles And Assemblies in Plastic. Available in Tangential Flow Full Cone & Hollow Cone nozzles types. The parts are made in Virgin Nylon 6 material and fitted with SS parts for non corrosion. Flow rates 1.6 to 5 Litres/Min. Eyelet Clamps for assembly on 1" Pipes are available. Few of the typical applications for these nozzles are: In Vacuum Sizing Tanks for Extruded PVC Pipes, Air humidification in air conditioning systems, Gas cleaning in chemical and environmental engineering installations, Disinfection, Dust suppression, Coal dust control at transfer points, humidification of textiles, Oil spraying, Spraying onto filters, water recooling, In smoke houses, In food Industry for Pasteurization & meat processing, Storage rooms gas conditioning, Curing rooms, Electrostatic precipitators, Distribution mixing, Scrubbing gases, Cooling flue gases, Pollution control and evaporative cooling, Parts cleaning/degreasing, Absorption, Chemical process engineering, Chlorine precipitation etc.

We offer our services of supplying quality injection moulded plastic components / assemblies. Being a complete solution provider in plastics, we work with our customers from their concept / idea stage to product design, prototype making, injection moulds design, mould manufacturing, plastic parts manufacturing Et assembly all under one roof. With a strong experience of over 2 decades Er expertise in mould making of precision Industrial components, skilled technicians Et world class manufacturing capabilities including CNC machining center, EDM etc, we can deliver to your requirements. Our precision mould design Et construction abilities translate into a manufacturing system that produces component parts of outstanding quality. From 2gms to 600gms we can mould it all on our sophisticated PLC controlled injection moulding machines which ensures shot to shot consistency. We regularly process all kinds of engineering plastics like Nylon, ABS, Acetals, Polycarbonate, PU, PBT, Acrylic, Polystyrene, PR etc. Laid out in a 5500 sq.ft area and located 100 Krns from Mumbai,we fulfil all your needs by supplying quality parts Et timely supplies. We understand that your moulds are valuable and their proper upkeep is crucial for long term problem free parts thereby ensuring your end product commitments. We're sure you'll be spared the hassle of going from one moulder to another as along with quality part supplies, we also take care of mould maintenance of your toolings inhouse. We can do mould modifications of your existing moulds due to your product design changes.